Frequently Asked Questions
We have implented a low to no contact check-in with intent to keep 6 ft social distancing rules. All bookings are now private for up to 8 people per room. All high touch objects such as locks and clues are wiped down with sanitizing cleaners after each game. We have increased the time between each game to allow for addititional cleaning.
An Escape Room is real interactive game where your team must work together to discover clues, solve puzzles and overcome challenges to achieve the goal of the room within 60 minutes.
No, the entry door is always unlocked. Depending upon the scenario, you may need to enter a code to successfully exit the room and complete the mission.
No. We do not jump scares or horror elements into our games. All of our games are family friendly. There may be alarms or load noises that are triggered that can startle you.
Yes. Please email us at with details about your group and desired booking time, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
There is parking directly in front of the building. There is additional parking in the circle behind the building which you can access from Finch street.
The games are enjoyable for both adults and children. We have a hint system so if children are not playing with adults they may just have to ask for more hints if they are stuck.
Quite possibly. If you want to ensure only your group is in the room then you need to reserve all the slots for that room. We find that most enjoy the experience of meeting new people in this type of environment
If you’re a puzzle expert, or an avid point-and-click escape game fan, you will recognize some puzzle styles and strategies.
Yes, but children under 12 tend to get bored with the puzzles more easily.
We love new players experiencing an escape room for the first time. Once you try one you will want to do more. Our games are designed to be challenging but intuitive. Everyone will have fun as long as they are ready to think and able to work together.
You can cancel or refund your booking up to 8 hours before your time slot. Our complete terms and conditions are available in the booking widget. You must agree to the terms and conditions when booking
Yes Cameras are used by the game master to monitor your experience.
This is game-dependent. Please call for details.
Please consult a doctor if you have questions about this type of activity.
This is game-dependent. Please call for details.